For pet boarding on the Gold Coast, look no further than the renowned AAA Pet Resort. If you and your family or friends are seeking a getaway and you have your pet – dog or cat – to leave behind, seeking a quality pet boarding service is integral. For your peace of mind, AAA Pet Resort is a premier pet boarding on the Gold Coast facility and our team looks after your dog or cat as if they were our own. You might not be heading interstate due to the current restrictions, however, regardless of where you are going for a getaway, we are here to help. Our luxury accommodation is second to none and we provide water, bedding, toys and regular meals to satisfy your pet. Furthermore, we ensure that your dog gets play time with other dogs and under direct supervision of our team. You are more than welcome to bring toys that your dog or cat loves the best from home.

Heading to Cairns? Here’s Some Things To Do

Cairns is the gateway to the spectacular reef, the Great Barrier Reef as well as island such as Green Island. Pet boarding on the Gold Coast with AAA Pet Resort leaves you with peace of mind that your beloved furry friend is being looked after well while you enjoy your vacation. No trip to Cairns is complete without seeing the Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest coral reef system. You can hop on a cruise to dive or snorkel on the reef and witness spectacular coral and fish. Additionally, don’t miss jumping on a ferry to island hop from Fitzroy Island with its rainforest walking tracks, snorkelling at the beach at Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach and witness the magnificent Great Barrier Reef by sea kayak. Take a day tour to Green Island which is fabulously surrounded by exquisite beaches and crystal clear waters or visit Hinchinbrook Island famous for being Australia’s largest national park island. Here you can explore mangrove forests, sheltered bays and beautiful beaches. While your dog or cat is enjoying pet boarding on the Gold Coast with AAA Pet Resort, you can enjoy visiting Cairns and some of the trendy cafes lining Grafton and Spence streets. There’s local markets to enjoy from Friday to Sunday with fresh produce including fruit, dairy and seafood. On the topic of markets, you can’t miss the Kuranda Village with its local market selling jewellery, leather items and Aboriginal artwork. Take the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway or the historic Kuranda Scenic Railway and witness mountains, waterfalls and the spectacular Barron Gorge. Just two hours north of Cairns lies the Daintree Rainforest where you can find rainforest meets reef at the exquisite Cape Tribulation. For pet boarding on the Gold Coast, try AAA Pet Resort while you enjoy a vacation in Cairns and surrounds.

Doggie Day Care and Training

Additional to being a leading pet boarding on the Gold Coast resort, we offer doggie day care and training. If you are heading to work or out for the day and don’t want your beloved furry friend stuck at home by themselves, why not bring them on in to AAA Pet Resort? Instead of leaving them with a friend or family member or a pet sitter, there are benefits to leaving them in our safe and capable hands. Your dog’s wellbeing is of utmost priority to our team and so if there are any issues with socialising, please do let us know so we can adjust your dog’s experience accordingly. During their time outside, they will be provided with stimulation and social play, shade and plenty of water. We match the size of your dog with others of similar size for playtime so that there is no intimidation. Ensure that you have your dog’s vaccination up to date and more than five days prior to bringing them on in to our resort. We ultimately want your dog to enjoy their experience with us and we understand that you want a well-behaved dog also. That’s why we deliver exceptional training for your doggie best friend. Whether you seek private training or group training, we offer a twelve-day or individual program to suit you and your dog’s needs. Our professional team of trainers with Craig A. Murray Dog Training ensures that your dog learns skills like heel, sit and stay, down and stay, come, focus and crate and mat training. Whether you are seeking doggie day care or a training program for your puppy or dog, AAA Pet Resort can provide exceptional service each and every time.