Why Taking Your Dog for a Wash in Gold Coast is Beneficial

We spend considerable time looking after ourselves and ensuring weĆ­re well groomed, but we can’t always say the same for our dogs. Of course, you don’t need to spend time covering your dogs in makeup every morning, but they could benefit from a professional dog wash in Gold Coast from time to time. Dogs enjoy rolling around in the mud and swimming in dirty streams and lakes, and then they like to jump on the sofa and leave mud and dirt all over your home. Your dogs don’t need a daily shower, but you’ll be doing your part to keep them clean if you take them for a professional wash periodically.

A dogs fur can quickly become matted and knotted, making them feel uncomfortable and hot. If your dogs fur grows particularly long or quickly, you might also consider taking them for a clip. Additionally, overgrown nails can become clogged with dirt or even hazardous objects, so while you’re taking your dog for a wash in Gold Coast, you might want to have their nails trimmed.

At AAA Pet Resort, our five-star dog hotel is quickly becoming a household name among dog owners in Gold Coast, but we also offer a professional grooming service to keep your dog in tip-top shape. We use a modern and safe hydro bath with climate control to give your dog a bath in our Gold Coast resort, and we work with exceptionally gifted groomers for nail trims and other grooming services. If you want the very best for your beloved furry family member, contact us today on (07) 5525 2098 to find out more about our washing, grooming and boarding services.