Picture this, you’ve just booked a well-deserved holiday of a lifetime after a hard slog at work for the year. Perhaps it’s a magic trip to the barrier reef, exploring around our great country or a road trip to Ayres Rock. Now it’s time to think about your fur-family! Pet sitter? Family?

Pets need stimulation and attention, left to their own devices they get bored and develop bad habits that may not be desirable, I’ve got a better idea for you.

Luxury pet boarding on the Gold Coast. By choosing luxury pet boarding on the Gold Coast you are treating your furry companions to a vacation like no other. Ensuring high-quality care through professionally trained and dedicated pet hospitality specialists whose focus is keeping your loved ones happy, healthy, and safe.

Your pets deserve to be spoilt!

Think about how excited you would be if one of your loved ones planned a surprise getaway for you. All meals included, activities to keep you occupied, spa baths, and more! This is exactly what’s provided here at AAA Pet Resort. A luxury pet boarding Gold Coast resort. We strive to pamper your pooches and provide a stress-free environment.

We do this by providing nutritious doggy cuisine, all the comforts of home such as blankets, cosy bedding, and toys to play with. Some of our rooms include private outdoor areas so your pets can frolic as much as they please. If your pet is more of a couch potato, we even have television and lounge suites in our Presidential rooms and above.

Instead of worrying if your pets are comfortable, give them what they deserve and send them to luxury pet boarding on the Gold Coast. This way you have the peace of mind that your pets are having a great vacation just like you.

Professional standards

When you choose a luxury pet boarding on the Gold Coast you are guaranteeing that your pets are being looked after with love and care and compassion, just like home. At AAA Pet Resort we uphold the highest standards by looking after your fur-babies just like they are our own. Our passion is to care for people’s fur children in beautiful rooms.

By combining our industry knowledge with high quality, modern facilities we ensure that your fur-kids are comfy, cosy and stress-free, isn’t that why we all go on holidays? That’s why we created AAA, to be the pinnacle of luxury pet boarding on the Gold Coast and give your pets the experience they deserve.

Being a leading professional in the pet boarding Gold Coast scene we take safety seriously. We do this by ensuring all objects are pet friendly, regularly checking up on them and supervising playtime with other dogs.

When it comes to our twin share options, we strive to ensure two dogs are compatible with each other through a 3 to 4-hour process and will never risk the well-being of your fur-kids just to make sure our rooms are at capacity. Leaving your pets in the hands of a luxury pet boarding Gold Coast resort whose mission is dedicated to loving and caring for them is a testament to how much you love your fur-babies.

Give Your Pet The Vacation They Deserve

Don’t settle for less when searching for luxury pet boarding on the Gold Coast, choose AAA Pet Resort. We are the leader in luxury pet boarding on the Gold Coast, with almost a perfect 5 stars in Google reviews you can rest assured that your pooch is happy, healthy, and safe.