When you are making plans for a vacation, your beloved pet needs to feature in those plans. There are so many options out there and you want to make the right choice. Research may suggest that your dog or cat would be happier with a pet sitter so they can remain in their familiar surroundings. Still, when you choose the right Gold Coast pet resort, they will be well cared for and happy. There is more to consider than you might think when arranging for a pet sitter within your home. Whether you ask a family member or friend or choose a professional company, having someone else in your home can be uncomfortable for all involved. A stay at a sitter’s house brings in unfamiliar surroundings for your pet. Booking your furry friend into a Gold Coast pet resort like AAA Pet Resort helps to reduce these concerns. Having several staff on hand ensures that all dogs and cats at the resort have all their needs met. We provide plenty of love and affection, playtime and toys, regular meals and fresh water, and blankets and a comfortable bed. You are welcome to bring toys from home to bring a bit of familiarity into their stay. Our team supervises all playtimes and can identify which animals do not interact well together. If this is determined, you can be sure that safety is paramount and other arrangements will be made for playtimes to be enjoyed by all.

Playing with Cats

Cats can be some of our most interesting boarders here at AAA Pet Resort. In general, they are low maintenance and self-sufficient, but they can also be quite sensitive to new surroundings. A change in food or bedding can be stressful, and without enough play and attention, it can be damaging to both their physical and mental health. When choosing your Gold Coast pet resort for your cat, you can feel secure that we provide excellent care for our feline visitors. Cats are natural-born hunters, which we utilise in our selection of toys for playtime. This provides excellent exercise for your cat as well as bonding time for our carers to get to know your pet’s needs and temperament. We ensure we have a variety of toys to avoid boredom and inspire creativity.


A true measure of a Gold Coast pet resort can be found in their testimonials. Custom Tattooz Pty is one of our repeat customers, and they say, “These guys are the best! We have been bringing our Am Staff here for probably 5-6 years! The staff is so friendly and welcoming! They always manage to fit our little guy in even though we are perpetually last minute! 100% confident in the care our pup gets on his stays here which range from a weekend, up to 4 weeks straight! Wouldn’t consider anywhere else.” Ross was most impressed by our facilities and options, “the standard rooms are light and airy. They use cooling towers (not fans) which seem to provide “air conditioned” like temperatures. The VIP, Queen and King rooms provide increasing levels of comfort for your “furbabies”. I think when I’m “in the dog box” I’ll head to one of these.” Tina and Alan have also brought their beloved pets to us several times. They have left this lovely testimonial: “our beautiful fur babies, Oscar and Lolli, enjoyed a lovely long weekend break at the AAA Pet Resort. They have stayed at the Resort on a number of occasions and are always very happy to stay and are treated very well by the lovely staff members there – thank you for taking such good care of our treasured family members.” This last testimonial from Tammy warms our heart: “our boy Mambo a rescue boy was beaten badly as a puppy and as a result has a number of fears making it difficult for us to leave him when we go away. Mambo has now stayed twice at AAA and we were so happy to see him wag his tail when we dropped him off on the last visit – he loves the team at AAA. I would recommend them every time.” Next time you are looking for a Gold Coast pet resort, you can be sure your pet will be looked after by the best at AAA Pet Resort.