Companies that offer pet boarding services are lifesavers. Imagine getting a call that requires you to travel without prior notice, and you must comply. What happens to your adorable pets? Who will take care of your pets at such short notice? You guessed right; pet boarding companies can help you out.

Pet boarding on the Gold Coast has become very popular. This popularity is because so many people are discovering the convenience of pet boarding services.

Let’s talk about the category of clients who use pet boarding services often.

Who Uses Pet Boarding Services in Gold Coast?

The client statistics reveal a general classification for people who need our services. We have been able to identify these broad groups, but it must be noted that our clients are not limited to these categories.
Pet Owners who need to go on Short or Long Trips

We believe everyone should go on vacation once in a while. Planning a trip without your pet can be heartbreaking, but it is only a temporary separation, and you will be back soon. People who go away on short or long trips can use pet boarding services on the Gold Coast.

Medical Emergency

Another group of clients who use pet boarding services on the Gold Coast are people who need to spend some time in hospitals during medical emergencies. We can only imagine how stressful these situations can be, so we take good care of their pets until they recover and return home.

Unforeseen Events

We cannot predict the future, anything can happen, and you may need to be separated from your pets for a while. However, our pet boarding service on the Gold Coast is always ready to help you avoid worrying about your pet’s welfare.

Common Issues Related to Pet Boarding

Some pet owners may worry about the following issues related to pet boarding;

Separation Anxiety

Some pets exhibit frustration when they are separated from their owners. This is normal, and our professional pet handlers know what to do when it happens. We use professional approaches to keep the pet calm, and in no time, it feels at home in our pet boarding facility.

Picky Eaters

Some pets need more attention regarding feeding. We collect all the information about the client’s nutritional plan and follow the same processes. We ensure the pets eat well to maintain excellent health until you return.
Pet Grooming

Furry pets may need to be frequently groomed. Our team handles this task effortlessly, including dog washing services.

We ensure our pet boarding facility on the Gold Coast is kept clean at all times. Good hygiene is essential to keep pets healthy.
Give your Pets the Perfect Luxury Holiday at our Boarding Home

Let us pamper your pets in our luxury boarding home. It will be the ideal pet holiday with lots of good pet food, exercise, and exciting interactions with our professional pet handlers.

To get started, we offer you our welcome pack, which can be downloaded on our website.