What Kind of Facilities Can You Find in a Dog Hotel in Gold Coast?

It’s never easy deciding where to leave your dogs when you go on holiday. We’d love to take our furry friends with us wherever we go, but it’s often too much hassle to take your dogs on long journeys by road or by air. Besides, enjoying a holiday without the family pets can occasionally be beneficial because as much as we love them, it’s nice to enjoy sleeping in without worrying about their needs for a few days. If you’d rather avoid kennels and don’t have anybody to look after your beloved pet, you might be interested in learning about the facilities of a five-star dog hotel in Gold Coast.

The very best dog hotels have private bedrooms (as opposed to cages), grooming facilities, staff living onsite and space for your dogs to exercise. More importantly, they have trained dog sitters that take canines for daily walks, provide them with ample play time, understand how to reduce their anxiety, and maintain their daily routine. If you want your dog to enjoy a luxurious stay, you can choose additional options such as TVs, constant outdoor access, and leather lounge suites because our dog hotel in Gold Coast caters to every pooch’s needs.

At AAA Pet Resort, we provide five-star facilities for dogs to feel loved and comfortable while youĂ­re away. Our sole mission is to ensure your pets enjoy their time with us, and we treat them as if they were our own. We aim to set the national standard for luxury pet accommodation in Australia, and our exceptional facility brought exactly what was missing to the Gold Coast. For more information on the services we provide at our dog hotel in Gold Coast, call us today on (07) 5525 2098.