What is your cat trying to tell you?

These cute furballs are enjoying their symbiotic relationships with humans ever since they have been domesticated. Although cats are wild predators, since industrialization and their domestication, they have become quite accustomed to cohabiting with humans in their homes. You might think you know everything about your precious kitty, but there are many things you probably don’t know that will surprise you. Here are a few things that show that your cat is trying to tell you something:

Purring Doesn’t Mean I’m Happy

Purring is usually thought of as something that your cat is content with. But it can also mean that your kitty is nervous or in pain. Purring is also known as a cry for help or a sign of submissiveness. Sometimes, some sneaky cats also purr so that you feed them some treats. This is their way of acting all innocent and cute, but how can we say no to that? Purring in cat lingo is also equivalent to smiling. Pay attention to the posture or body language of your cat while it is purring so that you can better understand what mood it is in.

I’m Meowing at You, Yes You Hooman

Kittens meow to their mothers, but when they are adults, they hardly communicate with other cats this way. So if your cat is meowing around you, it is definitely trying to tell you something by attracting your attention. Maybe it is hungry or in pain, and the only way it can tell you something is by meowing.

I’d Rather Stay in

Cats love being all cozy and comfortable, so don’t force them to go outside if it doesn’t want to. Ever wonder why cats never go for walks as dogs do? It is precisely because they prefer staying safe inside. They will, however, take a stroll outside— but on their own volition.


cat boarding

I Want Meat

Cats are naturally born omnivores and must have some sort of meat protein in their diet. Whether you give it raw or canned cat food, make sure that it gets its daily meat dose.

I Might Be Showing You My Belly, but You Can’t Touch It

Cats show their bellies to people when they fully trust them to show that they are comfortable around them. Bellies are their most vulnerable parts, but that doesn’t mean you touch them. You can go for a tummy rub, but do so with caution. You need to respect its personal space and see if it is fine with you rubbing it. If it doesn’t let you, then try some other time.

I Need to Scratch No Matter What

We are assuming you don’t believe in the inhumane practice of declawing your cat. Cat’s need to scratch because they have claws to sharpen. They do so to also remove the dead claw and also mark their territory. Just get a good scratching post so that it can scratch away to its heart’s content and have your precious furniture safe

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind so that the next time your cat is trying to tell you something, you will know exactly what it means and act accordingly.