We’d like that you take our word for it but as we have valued clientele, we can let them speak on our behalf. As your local pet boarding on the Gold Coast facility, we strongly-value our clientele and treat each and every client with the utmost professionalism, friendliness and integrity. Melissa Copeman says ‘as always, Rosie had a great stay at AAA pet resort. We wouldn’t go anywhere else, we love your facility and the way you take so much care of our dog. We can go away and be 100% confident that our dog is being looked after very well. Thank you!’ Another happy client is Zaydahlee who reviewed us with ‘there is a uniqueness to this amazing Family Business. Professional with service that always leaves me truly comforted and smiling. Gets my thumbs up for Pet comfort & holiday home away from home!’ We are an Australian owned and operated family business who cares for everyone’s pets and treats them with love and affection. Another testament to our quality service with a smile and to easing the nerve-racked parents of beloved pets is from Renea who says ‘leaving your pet with anyone can be very nerve racking, but for our first experience of doing so AAA Pet Resort were very professional and made it easy to do. They were contactable while we were away and took photo’s of our gorgeous girl for us to see, which when we saw her face we were confident she was being cared for in the right hands. They even nicknamed her Roxie Bear, which I loved! We would definitely recommend and use again. Thank you AAA pet resort.’ We take care of dogs and cats and Lesley Grove attests to this with ‘this is the second time Lilly cat has holidayed here. She loves all the attention she receives. The staff are wonderful here and care deeply about animals. Highly recommend’. We are willing to go above and beyond to assist our clientele with their pets as Lorraine Martin knows with her review of ‘3 days ago Lara spent a weeks holiday at AAA Pet Resort. She has been there many times in her nearly 16 years life. The staff are wonderful and take the very best care of Lara. Unfortunately, Lara isn’t maintenance free she is blind as well as needing drops in both her eyes. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d been told it’s just not practical to look after handicapped dogs and they couldn’t mind Lara but thankfully year after year she is welcomed back to AAA. This time I picked Lara up she cried and made little throaty noises all the way home. I took it as meaning she would rather stay with her friends at AAA Pet Resort. I am so thankful to have found AAA Pet Resort’. For pet boarding on the Gold Coast, AAA Pet Resort is renowned with quality service and testimonials to attest to this.

How Dogs Show Love

It might take a while or no time at all to get used to the way your dog shows love. When you first get a dog whether it be from a pet store, a shelter or rescue dog, your dog will have its own unique ways of showing you love. Sometimes dogs follow you from room to room, everywhere you go as they want to be near you and feel your presence. Often dogs lean on you or nudge you with their nose or body, this is a sign of love and wanting to connect with you. You can give them all the love and affection they deserve as they lean into you or give you a bop as they go by. But what is the most common sign of love from a dog? The wag. The tail wagging is an obvious sign of love particularly if they are wagging their tail in a circle. It is a sign that your dog is in a happy mood and content albeit excited to see you. Additionally, dog kisses are a sign of a dog’s love. Dogs lick their puppies to keep them clean and warm and they shower love to their owners by licking them. As your local pet boarding on the Gold Coast facility, we know how dogs show their love for their owners and we can share this with you because we are so used to a dog’s affection as we show them love. Many dogs will collect toys and bring them to you as this is a sign of love and affection. They want validation that they have done well and they often want to play. Whether it is tug of war or throwing the toy to play catch, a dog shows love in many ways by bringing toys to their owner. We at AAA Pet Resort as your local pet boarding on the Gold Coast facility know what it’s like to have your heart warmed by a dog’s love.

Off To Perth? Here’s What To Do and See

So you’re off to Perth, Western Australia for a vacation or for business purposes? Here’s what to see and do in Perth. If you have time around your business schedule or you’re in Perth for a vacation, it is a must to visit Rottnest Island, home of the Quokka. The Quokka is a small marsupial that is known for living on Rottnest Island and is famous for both Australian and international tourists. Departures to Rottnest Island via the Rottnest Ferry operate daily and for those that want to soak up the spring sun and the soon-to-be summer sun, you can stay at one of the island’s accommodation venues. Another favourite of travellers is the Bell Tower which is an eighty-two-point-five metre copper and glass tower overlooking the Swan River with a set of eighteen bells, six of which were a donation of metals mined in Western Australia. When you engage with pet boarding on the Gold Coast with AAA Pet Resort, we can offer you quality service while you enjoy the sights of Perth on your vacation or business trip. Another famous tourist attraction is the Swan Valley which is home to famous wineries, breweries and other gourmet delights like cheese and chocolate. Travel through by car or by tour as this region is only twenty-five minutes from Perth city. There’s also distilleries and cider to enjoy as well as wine and beer in this famous region of Perth. When you need local pet boarding on the Gold Coast, consider AAA Pet Resort as we are happy to offer advice and our expertise on looking after dogs and cats while you enjoy your vacation to Perth or elsewhere.