There may come a time when you need to be away from your pet for a few days or an extended period. One of the biggest challenges you may encounter when planning a trip away from home is finding a suitable alternative for your furry friend. Saddling friends and family with the responsibility of looking after your pet may not be your best solution. A pet boarding on the Gold Coast is!

Imagine a safe, comfortable, and happy space for your pet while you’re away. However, in choosing a pet boarding service, several factors should be considered. This article will highlight the top pointers when searching for a pet boarding on the Gold Coast.

1. Health Requirement

It’s one thing to know your pet’s health is in top form, and all required vaccinations have been taken. However, you can’t be too sure if other pets in the pet boarding are free of disease and infections.

Choosing a pet boarding on the Gold Coast with a standard health requirement for all pets is a safety measure to ensure your furry baby stays disease-free. Make sure routine vaccinations are required prior to the admission of pets into the pet boarding facility you choose. Don’t forget to also ask the facility about the precautions taken for other pets when they have a sick pet in their custody.

2. Find out if a Veterinarian is on Call

A reputable pet boarding service on the Gold Coast should always maintain a good work relationship with a local veterinarian and have one on call at all times. Like humans, your pet can fall sick at any time. However, knowing your pet will be professionally treated for any illnesses will keep any pet owner’s mind at rest.

3. Inspect the Facility

You don’t want to drop off your adorable pet at a boarding facility you haven’t checked out before. So, before choosing pet boarding on the Gold Coast, a visit to the facility will do you and your fur baby some good. Find one that has a high standard of hygiene.

You should also observe how the staff treat the other pets. While at the premises, interview the staff at the facility and ensure your questions are answered. Your interactions with the staff will give you a perception of how the team will relate to your pet.

Again, talking with the staff opens a line of communication that can be beneficial when you are away. You will have little to worry about when you can periodically check on your pet.

4. Special Services

A treat or two never does any harm. Any loving pet owner will be thrilled at the thought of their pet getting pampered while they are away. Find out what special services are offered before choosing a pet boarding on the Gold Coast.

We can keep your mind at peace while you are away from your pet. So visit our website today and be rest assured your pet will be in safe hands.