Gold Coast Pet Resort

Our pets are an extension of the family. When we go away on holidays or travel for business, we want to ensure that our furbabies are well-cared for and have minimal stress and anxiety. At AAA Pet Resort, we have a range of options for your dog or cat. In addition to your pet’s sleeping facilities, we have a wide range of extras that you can add on. Does your dog love running on the beach or lounging on the couch with the TV? Do you want to see how they are doing with Facebook photos or even Skype? Would you like us to give your dog an extra treat or two while you are away or spoil them with a pamper session? We can even provide a taxi service to and from our Gold Coast pet resort to limit the stress of drop off and pick up around travel times. We encourage you to start looking for pet boarding as soon as you know the details of your trip. This will allow you to research your options, book tours, and make your choice. Tours are essential to ensure you get a good feeling from the staff, the quality and smell of the facilities, and how the current dog residents seem. Can you see your beloved dog running around and having fun? Follow those instincts. Your pup deserves to have a fabulous Gold Coast pet resort experience just as you deserve to have a wonderful trip. When people have a good experience, they will likely broadcast that in many ways. This can lead to places booking out because of an online review they received or a personal recommendation from friends. That is why, at AAA Pet Resort, we suggest booking in as early as possible to secure your pet’s place.

The Importance of Optimum Play for Dogs

We all know that physical activity is vital for everyone, especially our dogs. Plenty of opportunities for running around or engaging with toys will help keep their heart health high, minds and bodies active, and joints mobilised. Allowing supervised interactions with other residents at our Gold Coast pet resort builds your dog’s social skills. We have a full-equipped playground onsite so your dog can enjoy free play time while still getting their exercise. AAA Pet Resort has a variety of options for play, including using commands within games to increase understanding of rules and obedience and an absolute plethora of toys. Whether your dog prefers tug of war games with a rope, chewing on a squeaky toy to make the most noise possible, snuggling with a teddy, or working out how to get a treat out of a Kong toy, we have it available. Of course, if your pet has a favourite toy at home, you are welcome to send it with them as well.

A Good Quality Gold Coast Pet Resort Who Cares 

AAA Pet Resort knows that leaving your pet can be scary. Rest assured that we will look after your pet as if they were our own. This is another reason we suggest coming for a tour: we can discuss your pet in greater detail and answer any questions. What about outside of business hours? Some head offsite at the end of their shift. Others walk ten metres to their front door: some of our staff live onsite. This means your furbaby is never truly left alone. No matter the reason for your trip, or how often you want or need to travel, by leaving your pet with us, you can be assured we will care for them. We also have many strategies for managing separation anxiety in your dog or cat. Unfortunately, many of our pets do suffer this in some form. If you know your dog struggles with new places, why not try our Doggy Day Care before you go away? Our location will then be familiar to them before being left for an extended period. Behaviours that show anxiety range as well. Some dogs will bark or howl; others will urinate or defecate in unusual places while some will participate in destructive behaviours like chewing, digging or even escape attempts. Cats are also susceptible to change, especially when it involves their environment. They may change their eating habits or try to escape. Our Gold Coast pet resort staff recognise the early signs of separation anxiety and we take all measures possible to keep your pet calm and settled. We want your pet to feel safe, well looked after and comfortable to alleviate as much of that anxiety as possible.