The Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Doggy Day Care in Gold Coast

Your dogs are as much a part of your family as your brother or mother, but you can’t always take them with you when you’re in a rush. You might have to visit a family member in hospital, and you can’t leave your dogs tied up outside or sitting in the car. You could be called to pick up your children early from school, but you can’t take your dogs along for the ride as there’s no room in the vehicle. Fortunately, you don’t have to risk leaving your dogs with a friend who may not be able to ensure their safety because you can take them to doggy day care in Gold Coast instead.

A reputable doggy day care centre isn’t just a place to simply ditch your dogs for the day, it’s a facility we have purpose-built to give your pets the best care possible, whilst also offering them stimulation and exercise & working on honing their socialisation skills. Your dogs will feel right at home at our doggy day care in Gold Coast because they’ll get a high-quality nourishing meal, enjoy playing with other canines, and go for a lovely walk during their stay, ensuring that they will be wagging their tail until they see you at the end of the day.

At AAA Pet Resort, our doggy day care in Gold Coast is perfect for when you need a comfortable place to leave your dogs, and we also offer long-term boarding options for when you go on holiday. Our exceptional facility is the result of three generations of research because we endeavour to provide the most caring and nurturing environment for your beloved pets when youĂ­re not around. We give your dogs their own space, nourishing meals, lots of love, and a healthy lifestyle, so contact us today for all your doggy daycare needs.