Life is better with pets in them. But we can’t always have our pets with us, especially when you need to make a trip away from home.

Are you worried about where to keep your pet on your next vacation? You should consider luxury pet boarding. Whether you have a cat or dog, there’s always something in store for your fur baby at a high-quality pet hotel on the Gold Coast.

You may be reluctant about taking your pet to a boarding resort, but not to worry. Here are six benefits of using a luxury pet hotel.

Professional Pet Caregivers

Nothing will put your mind more at ease than knowing your pet will be well taken care of. So, why not leave your companion in the care of professionals when you go for a holiday or business trip.

The animal attendants at AAA Resort are gentle, compassionate, and friendly. More so, you will be sure your pet is in trusted hands.

If you’re going to be away for a while, you can even organise some training for your fur baby. That way, their behaviour will be better when you get back.

Outdoor Exercise Guaranteed

Animals also need fresh air, sunlight, and daily exercise to stay in top form. Dogs, in particular, need physical activity to prevent boredom and destructive behaviour.

At AAA Pet Hotel on the Gold Coast, recreational activities are available for your fur baby every day. Each pet will be able to socialise with others and enjoy playtime. Your pet will definitely have an unforgettable experience.

No Imposed Responsibility on Friends and Family

It may not be convenient for family and friends to babysit your pet, so your best option may be pet boarding. Plus, leaving your pet in capable and experienced hands in always a bonus.

Our luxury pet boarding can even provide medical help when required, including administering your pet’s medications in the right dose.

Proper Care and Attention

It’s expected for your pet to feel anxious about a new environment. But with workers who know how to handle and comfort animals, your pet will likely adjust within a short time.

Your pet will have a great time socialising with the other animals, but we’ll always give them proper supervision from our caregivers.

Luxury Pet Boarding on the Gold Coast is Safe

You provide your pet with a safe and secure place when you choose a pet hotel. Our sectioned and personalised accommodation keeps your dog feeling safe and happy.

Moreover, your pet will be out of danger of a car accident or getting lost before your return.

Healthy Meals

Our team of caregivers at AAA will provide healthy meals for your pets during their stay. They will also take into consideration your pet’s allergies or health concerns.

Your pet becomes our priority, and we ensure every pet has enough water to stay hydrated.

Of course, your pet will miss you while you are away. But at least, they’ll miss you while having a good time. Who knows, they may even make new friends. Check out AAA Pet Resort on the Gold Coast and ensure your pet gets the best care.