Gold Coast Pet Resort

For those who are not as familiar with taking their dogs to a boarding resort, knowing exactly what to look for may be a daunting task. Nobody wants to leave their dog with those who do not have your best friend’s best interests at heart. Even leaving them with family or a friend may be risky because while they may really care about your pet, if something goes wrong, they may not know how to handle it. When you start planning your trip, make sure you do not leave the care of your pup or cat as an afterthought; you don’t want to spend your trip worrying about your furry friend back home and you don’t want them pining for you! Give them a holiday as well by seeking out the best Gold Coast pet resort for them to stay while you are away such as AAA Pet Resort. When you are researching, make sure that you not only check out their availability in advance but also take further steps to ensure that it is the right place. Check the reviews, take an opportunity to tour the facility in advance so you can meet the staff and see just where your pup or cat may be staying. You want to be able to see firsthand that the staff are friendly, the facilities are clean and do not smell, there is adequate space and foremost that the other dogs and cats currently residing their seem to be happy. If the place is the right one for you, then you should be able envisage your dog running around the facilities and having the time of their life! Remember, just like securing that room you want at the resort such as AAA Pet Resort you are planning to stay at, get in quick and book in advance so you can be sure your pup is safe and happy while you take your well-deserved trip.

Business or Pleasure? We Have Your Pet Covered

AAA Pet Resort, at our top-quality Gold Coast Pet Resort, can ensure that your dog or cat gets the best boarding experience possible. It does not matter what the reason you are travelling for, if you let us know as soon as possible, we can set in place the perfect arrangements so there is so much less anxiety on your pet and of course you. Leaving your pets in the hands of somebody else can be a stressful experience for both you and your furry friend, which is why we offer a range of services to ensure they are best prepared for their time away from their carer. Your dog is able to come and get to know the facility sooner with our dog day-care and training services. We also offer a pet taxi service, which means we can come pick up your pet from your house and bring them back when you are all settled back in. This helps with any travel anxiety, as well as any separation anxiety, goodbyes and stressful pickups amongst the getting home chaos. We promise that at our Gold Coast pet resort, your pet will not only be in the best hands and no matter how often you want or need to travel, every single time you will want to bring your cat or dog to us, we will ensure they are well looked after.  

Separation Anxiety in Your Dog or Cat

Unfortunately, many animals do suffer from separation anxiety. How excited is your dog when you come home from a day of work or even if you are only gone a couple of hours? From a few hours, to a few days, there may be a big chance that your pup could suffer separation anxiety if they are away from their owners for too long. Barking and howling, urinating and defecating, destructive behaviours like chewing or digging and maybe even escape attempts are just some of the behaviours dogs may exhibit if they are experiencing separation anxiety. If this is a daily occurrence, there are many ways to alleviate this; taking them for a walk before you leave to tire them out, leave stimulating toys and even not making a huge deal when you leave or return.  This is also is why if you are planning on putting your dog into care when you are away then finding the right Gold Coast pet resort who can spot and handle those behaviours is important. Cats are also extremely sensitive to change, especially in environments. They may stop eating or try to escape. At our Gold Coast pet resort, we monitor your cats behaviour and take all measures possible, just like with any dog that stays with us, to ensure they are safe, well-looked after and feel like they are at a home away from to alleviate that anxiety as much as possible.