Looking for Pet Sitting on the Gold Coast? Trust AAA Pet Resort

When only the best will do for your pampered pets, the incredible AAA Pet Resort on the Gold Coast is the only choice. No other location has the luxury pet bedrooms we offer. Get peace of mind when you travel, knowing that our devoted staff of pet care professionals are there for your beloved pets. Our caring team provides scheduled walks and playtime so your treasured canine and feline friends can rely on the same routines they have at home. Dog and cat boarding on the Gold Coast doesn’t get any better than this. We truly are an amazing Five Paw pet resort.

We’re the only pet resort on the Gold Coast to offer these fantastic amenities and attentive staff. Let your pampered pup lounge in resort-style accommodations featuring indoor air conditioning, beautiful chandelier finishes, elegant rooms with leather lounges, and custom play schedules to fit your pet’s needs. Your fur baby can enjoy watching TV after a lavish wash and brush in our pet spa. We even have nature walks and beach adventures available for the active, curious canine. Cats can also get the royal treatment in our cattery, with playful enclosures and staff cuddle time.

Why limit your pet to the bare minimum of care when you can give them the extravagant holiday they deserve? Youíll enjoy your own holiday so much more knowing what an incredible time theyíre having. Reduce the stress of leaving your precious companions and call AAA Pet Resort on the Gold Coast today on (07) 5525 2098, or get a quote now.

When no ordinary kennel will do, who can you trust to care for your beloved pet? Dog sitting is limited to a few times a day, and they only provide the minimum of care. What about all the hours that no one is home? The answer is simple: AAA Pet Resort offers ultimate luxury pet sitting on the Gold Coast.

We have dedicated, live-in staff who make sure every pet is comfortable and safe in our five-star, elegant pet accommodations. At AAA, you’ll see beautiful chandelier finishes, indoor air conditioning, and luxurious dog beds. You can pick extravagant extras like rooms with leather lounges or TVs.

Gorgeous pet bedrooms are just the beginning of the five-star luxury pet accommodations. We take the time to find out about your treasured pet so that mealtime and activity time in the all-weather outdoor play area stay on their schedule. We even offer exciting nature walks and beach excursions for the energetic pup who loves to get out.

When it’s time to relax, your best canine friend can enjoy a luxurious bath and brushing. Our AAA team includes a 24-hour on-site staff of pet professionals to ensure your companion’s comfort. We even have a special pet taxi to pick them up for your convenience. Pet Sitting on the Gold Coast has never been more lavish!

Your beloved cats will also enjoy the love and attention we give them in our cattery. Cats can get lonely at home on their own, so in addition to delicious twice-daily meals and litter changes, we offer cuddle time for your feline friend. When they’re not cuddling or sleeping, they keep busy with the engaging toys, scratching post, and high shelves. Call us today to schedule your petís amazing holiday with us: (07) 5525 2098 or apply online.