Pet Motel Gold Coast

More than just a boarding centre, AAA Pet Resort is a luxury getaway for your precious family member. Our pet motel on the Gold Coast caters for both cats and dogs with a team of experienced and passionate dog and cat lovers. We will deliver exceptional care for your pets and treat them as if they are our own, no matter how basic your budget is. With comfy places to stay, adequate space and air-conditioning, your pet will be safe and sound. All dogs staying with us receive two nutritious daily meals, bedding and blankets with toys for playtime. Any cat that stays with us, especially because we know how sensitive cats can be to change, will be showered with as must affection and luxury as they want with catnip toys, scratching post, toys and a perching spot so your cat can settle in. For those pets staying five days or more, extra services are available. Dogs will be provided with a hydro spa bath service and cats will be able to enjoy a complimentary brushing. For your dog, there are also packages that include constant supervision. No matter what though, your pets will be in the best possible care. Our staff are not only passionate about looking after your beloved family members, they are highly trained so if there is anything amiss, you can rest assured they will be right on it. If you are looking for a pet motel on the Gold Coast, then our valued clientele will attest to our exceptional service. Book that next vacation or trip without having to worry because at AAA Pet Resort, your pet will be in safe hands.

Doggie Day Care

In addition to a premium pet motel on the Gold Coast, AAA Pet Resort also offers doggie day care. If leaving your dog at home during the day by themselves is not an option, bring them to us for the day. Compared to leaving them with a family member or pet sitter, there are huge advantages to leaving them in our care: constant supervision, constant stimulation and constant care. They will be able to play outside for most of the day and will also be brought inside under the air-conditioning so they remain cool and can rest. Outside they will have plenty of water and shade, as well as fully equipped play equipment. For the social dogs, we can match them with a friend of a similar size and temperament so they can spend the day playing together. Rest assured though, the dogs wellbeing is our utmost priority so as much as we know understand the benefits of socialisation; if we sense or know of any issues, we will handle them accordingly. Instead of leaving your best friend at home alone all day, bring them to us. As long as your dog has had their full C5 vaccination in the last twelve months (and more than five days prior to visiting us), our pet motel on the Gold Coast can ensure that while you are working the day away, your dog is good hands and can come home with you at the end of the day being relaxed and looked after.

Dog Training to the Rescue

Ensuring your dog is well-trained is essential for any dog owner but life can get in the way and the hours of dedication needed to train your beloved pet can pass before you know it. That is why AAA Pet Resort goes above and beyond expectations as a pet motel on the Gold Coast, we also offer incredible services for your pets including dog training. If your dog is staying with us while you are away or you are wanting to get them trained by a professional, then we can work out a dog training program through professional trainers, Craig A. Murray Dog Training. Especially with young dogs, the more hours you put in will ensure they learn the vital skills to keep them happy, disciplined and bring out the full potential out of your best friend. Skills like focus, heel, sit and stay, down and stay, come, crate training, mat training and more are taught by our professional team. These lessons can either be in private or group training, a twelve-day training program or an individual program to suit yours and your dog’s best needs. When considering a pet motel on the Gold Coast, remember AAA Pet Resort because not only will your dogs be staying with us, we can give them the best experience possible and have them return to you in the best condition possible.