We at AAA Pet Resort, providers of pet boarding on the Gold Coast, are of the opinion that welcoming a new dog into your family is much like welcoming a new baby. It can take a while to get to know the way your dog communicates and to begin to recognise their cute quirks and unique characteristics. Each dog will express themselves a little differently and show you their love in a way that fits with their personality. However, there are couple of key behaviours you will see that will demonstrate without a doubt that your dog loves you.  First of all- watch for the wag. A wagging tail, held at mid-height indicates your pooch is in a happy mood, especially if you see the tail wagging in a circle. Then there’s the eyes- most dogs will only engage in eye contact with a human they totally trust. Does your dog sometimes sit on your feet, or give you a bop as you are going past? When dogs lean on you or nudge you, they are actively seeking out a physical connection with you; they want to check in and feel reassured by your presence. Some dogs will gather toys or bring objects to their owners; this is another way they demonstrate love and affection. It’s hard not to feel grateful when your dog delivers a dribbled-on teddy bear directly to your lap!  And speaking of dribble, another sign of love is licking. Pups are kept clean and warm by licks from their mum so it’s natural for them to use their tongue to show you their love. The final sign of love to look for is following. Lots of owners report that when they are home, their dogs follow them around from room to room. This is a sign of love but can also be a sign of anxiety.

Managing Separation Anxiety in your Dog when Pet Boarding on the Gold Coast

It’s horrible to imagine that your dog might be distressed without you. Unless you have a monitor set up at home, it’s hard to know how your dog behaves while you are not there. However, you might see the signs that your dog has separation anxiety even before you leave the house. Dogs are astute. Most will become aware that their owners is getting ready to leave; they will notice you putting your shoes on, grabbing the keys or picking up your bag. These actions may trigger your dog to start exhibition behaviours associated with separation anxiety. Your dog might howl or cry or start following you. Worse problems, such as digging, destroying furniture or objects or trying to escape occur once an owner leaves can be demonstrated. Then there’s the barking; many owners are not aware that their dog has separation anxiety until they receive the news from annoyed neighbours. There are simple things you can do to try and address your dog’s separation anxiety.  If it is actions like picking up your keys that seem to trigger your dog’s anxiety, try carrying out these actions several times a day, without leaving. This will desensitise your dog to that activity and hopefully remove the fear response when you do actually leave. Counterconditioning is a term used to describe the way in which you can change how your dog feels about you leaving. As you leave, you could give your dog a special toy that will keep them entertained or something delicious to eat hidden inside a toy.  If you can teach your dog to associate you leaving with a positive experience, they are less likely to feel stressed about your departure. When you are leaving your dog such as when you are putting them into pet boarding on the Gold Coast, there can be a great deal of stress for both owner and pet.

Pet Boarding on the  Gold Coast

We have all kinds of dogs join us as AAA Pet Resort, the best Pet Boarding on the Gold Coast.  Older dogs and puppies, ranging in sizes from Great Danes to Fox Terriers.  Most of these dogs are happy to have a break in our luxury accommodation. We’re received feedback from our customers that makes us confident to say we are the premier pet boarding on the Gold Coast.

Other dogs do find it harder to adjust to the idea of a week or two without their humans. We’re used to dealing with pooches who are a bit down in the dumps and will do all we can to help your dog settle in for a pleasant stay with us. If you’re looking for a top-quality pet boarding on the Gold Coast, with staff who understand the needs of your pet, look no further than AAA Pet Resort.