Dog Boarding Gold Coast

With the holiday season here already, make sure your belovedĀ  furry friends are accounted for. While you are on your holiday, your family pet can also have a holiday as well at our fabulous facility that is more than just a pet boarding facility. We know your pets are part of your family so we treat them as if they are our family too at our pet resort. If you decide to bring your dog for their holiday at our resort, they will have clean bedding, blankets and toys as well as two meals a day and always access to clean water. All rooms are also temperature controlled so what ever the weather, your pooch or cat will be comfortable. If you want to treat your dog to some extra special love and attention, our more deluxe rooms not only give them more space but they will gain longer play times and more access too outdoor play. Depending on the room type or how long they are staying for, then your dog may also be able to treated to a hydro spa bath so when you pick them up, they will not only have had the time of their lives, they will be clean and fresh as well! More than just a pet boarding facility, we make sure that your dog has just as much, if not more, fun on their holiday as you have on yours.

For Your Cat

Our pet boarding facility caters for more than just dogs: with our wonderfully equipped cattery, your kitty will be able to receive the luxury holiday they deserve while you are away. With our two options of either a Cat Condo or Cat Cabin, you will see that AAA Pet Resort takes pet boarding to a whole new level. Your feline friend will have constant access to dry food with an evening wet food meal along with constant access to clean water, fresh bedding, blankets, toys, play times, a maid service, private sleeping quarters and a climbing shelf. Depending on your cats personality and the type of accommodation you want to pick, your cats can have a range of options to play with like catnip toys, scratching posts, extra shelves and even a tiny house for them to escape too. We can also make sure that your cat has brushing every five days and if your cat enjoys looking out the window, we even have a window room as an option. We understand that pet boarding can be stressful for the owner almost as much as the pet and since cats can be a bit fussier than dogs, we keep that in mind therefore we encourage you to bring the food that they enjoy to make sure the change of the environment is not too stressful for them. Your cat will be in a highly stimulating environment that is temperature controlled and be pampered the way all cats deserve so pet boarding at AAA Pet Resort is the perfect place for your cat while you go away.

Where are you off to next? We Can Help!

As soon as you plan your next trip away, make sure that you let as know as soon as possible so you can make sure that you get the best pet boarding experience for your cat or dog. We can also help your dog get familiar with our facility with our dog day-care and training services. Also, if your pet has anxiety travelling in the car, maybe every time they get in your car they think they are travelling to the vet, we also offer a pet taxi service. We come and collect your furry friend from your place and bring them home when you get back home from your holiday. That way it takes the stress and anxiety of you dropping off your pet and them watching you leave, as well as the car travel anxiety. We can also drop them off a little bit after you arrive home to give you time to unpack and unwind. We know that travelling can be a stressful experience, especially if it is the first time you are leaving your family pet in a pet boarding facility therefore we want both you and your pet to have the easiest and most relaxing experience as possible.