Pets Need Holidays, Too! Where to Find Accommodation for Your Dog or Cat: Pet Sitting at a Pet Resort, Hotel, Motel on the Gold Coast

Are you looking forward to a luxury holiday that’s coming up soon? You work hard throughout the year, and your vacation is essential. It’s time to relax and pamper yourself, but you aren’t the only one who deserves the royal treatment. At AAA Pet Resort, we’ll treat your pet like royalty while you travel.

AAA Pet Resort: Luxury Pet Accommodation on the Gold Coast

Boarding your pet while you’re away has numerous advantages. Travelling with pets is often impossible or impractical and, in some cases, can even be dangerous for your pet. Leaving them at home alone to wait for a sitter to come by once or twice a day isn’t ideal, either; too many things can go wrong while no one is around to help – not to mention the hours upon hours your beloved pet will spend lonely, bored, and wondering when you’re coming back.

Instead, book a stay for your pet at AAA Pet Resort and treat them to a holiday fit for a king. We are a Gold Coast pet resort that treats each pet we care for with all the care, attention, and love they deserve. Our staff is made up of professionals who are experienced in caring for cats and dogs and trained to handle a wide range of issues – but more importantly, they are animal lovers just like you, so you can be confident that your pet is in good hands while you’re away.

Deluxe Add-On Packages

Every pet who stays with us enjoys quality pet sitting on the Gold Coast in a luxurious suite complete with a comfy bed, toys, a daily walk, and even a chandelier! They’ll enjoy daily maid service to keep their quarters clean and cosy, air conditioning for the ultimate in comfort no matter how high the outside temperatures soar, in-room televisions for entertainment and companionship, and beach adventures and nature walks for exercise, fresh air, and fun. You can also choose to treat your pet to a Deluxe Add-On Package, which includes a Snack Pack so that they can enjoy tasty treats outside regular mealtimes and a hydro spa for some extra pampering.

Royal Pamper Packages

Do you want only the absolute best for your pet while you’re away? Ask for our Royal Pamper Package. For a small extra daily fee, your pet can have the best experience of any cat or dog in any pet hotel on the Gold Coast. This package includes the deluxe hydro spa, gourmet breakfast daily and dinner, deluxe massages, a treat on their pillow each night, and even their very own Facebook photo album. You’ll be able to fully relax and enjoy your trip knowing that your pet is having the holiday of their dreams.

AAA Pet Resort – Your Pet Motel on the Gold Coast

When you visit this Gold Coast pet resort, you’ll quickly see why we’re more than just a kennel. We’re passionate about keeping your pet happy, healthy, and safe while you’re away, and your pet will come home rested, refreshed, and rejuvenated from meeting new friends and exploring a whole new world – just like you. When you’re looking for pet sitting options or a pet motel or hotel, contact AAA Pet Resort to book your pet’s luxury accommodation – they’ll thank you!