As far as quality pet boarding Gold Coast services go, AAA pet Resort is renowned for delivering optimal quality customer service and exceptional care for your pets. For cat owners, you can have peace of mind that AAA Pet Resort will look after for your beloved furry friend/family member with the utmost care and attentiveness. When you think of a pet boarding Gold Coast service for cats, you might think of a small cattery with boxed cat kennels with limited area to roam. That couldn’t be further from the truth with our quality pet boarding on the Gold Coast facility. Our rooms for cats are like luxury hotels with AAA Pet Resort and we provide a home away from home for your beloved cat or kitten. We provide catnip toys, a scratching post, a perching spot as we know cats love to perch and watch the world go by and toys to play with. If your cat has a special toy they love dearly to play with then bring it along when you drop off your cat so we can include it in the toys for your cat to enjoy while you are away on vacation. Our friendly and professional pet boarding Gold Coast service offers the Cattery Cabin and the Kitty Condo. The Cattery Cabin offers your cat private sleeping quarters and a climbing shelf as well as two daily plays for twenty minutes a time and complimentary brushing if staying for five days or longer. The Kitty Condo is luxurious like the holiday you might be having and AAA Pet Resort offers a daily maid service, two daily play times at forty minutes a time, complimentary brushing if staying for five days or more and French doors as well as a large glass viewing window for your cat to enjoy looking out. Additionally, we cannot overlook climbing shelves and the Kitty Condo has three of them for your cat or kitten. Our team of friendly staff who love pet dogs and cats will shower your cat with attention and love and care for it as much as they would their own.

Why Choose AAA Pet Resort for your Pet Boarding Gold Coast Service

If you are heading out on vacation or just out of town for the day or you have to work and your dog or cat gets separation anxiety and up to mischief during the day, we can help with pet boarding on the Gold Coast. You might like to ask some questions prior to dropping off your beloved furry friend, whether it be a dog or a cat, and we are more than happy to answer these and assist you whatever way possible. It is effective to find out whether your dog or cat enjoys socialising and is good with other dogs and cats and whether they are active or prefer to lounge around all day napping. This is dependent on the dog or cat’s age and breed as Blue Heelers, Kelpies and Border Collies tend to be more active and playful wanting to chase the toy. Older dogs and cats may prefer sunning themselves and enjoying sleeping the day away. It is important that the team at AAA Pet resort as your local pet boarding Gold Coast service knows the attributes of your dog or cat and if they get reactive when engaging in play with other dogs or cats. Some dogs and cats prefer human interaction and require one-on-one attention and play with toys. At times, some may experience separation anxiety so it is best to inform us if that is the case so we can manage your dog or cat’s anxiety.

What To Look For In Pet Boarding on the Gold Coast

There might be different pet boarding Gold Coast facilities, however it is wise to seek one that is of quality and with a team who truly cares for your dog or cat. Check whether the facility is certified and insured as that is important to have. Being certified to be a pet boarding on the Gold Coast facility is integral and having insurance to mitigate any issues that potentially could arise is also important. Check with the venue if they have strict rules on vaccinations being up to date as the last thing you want is for your dog or cat to get a virus or major illness due to lapsed vaccinations. The pet boarding Gold Coast facility should be checking for proof from owners of vaccinations such as the C5 and boosters. Consider the team at the pet boarding on the Gold Coast facility and if they seem to genuinely care for your beloved furry friend and the animals they have in their care. Ask for a tour of the facility to see what the kennels and cattery areas are like and additionally ask around for recommendations for a pet boarding facility. If the name AAA pet Resort comes up, it is because we are renowned in the industry for delivering quality care for beloved family members.