For the Best Dog Kennels in the Gold Coast, Send Your Pet to AAA Pet Resort

No matter the situation, leaving your family dog in the care of others can be difficult for any pet owner. To help ease the stress, you’ll want to look for highly rated dog kennels in the Gold Coast that you feel comfortable leaving your dog with. While there are many dog kennels within the Gold Coast to choose from, finding the one place that stands apart from the crowd can help alleviate your worries about leaving your pet behind when embarking on your trip.

That’s exactly why we founded AAA Pet Resort, with some of the best dog kennels in the Gold Coast area. We believe that your pet’s stay should be a vacation full of fun, pampering, love, and activity. With over 40 years of experience caring for pets, our pet resort offers the safest and most dedicated services of any competing pet hotel.

When your dog stays with us, they can enjoy a fresh, exciting holiday away from home. Our modern facility includes over 12 outdoor, all-weather areas for your dog to exercise, as well as five different, incredible suites for your furry friend to stay inside. We even offer hydro bath services and can adhere to any feeding schedule you desire.

Bring your dog to their favourite home away from home at AAA Pet Resort. Read more about our amazing hotel benefits or give us a call on 07 5525 2098 with any questions you may have.