For pet boarding on the Gold Coast, AAA Pet Resort is exceptional. Our pet resort is renowned on the Gold Coast for being a quality care facility for your dog or cat. More than just a pet boarding on the Gold Coast centre, our team is passionate about looking after dogs and cats and ensuring the safety of your beloved family member. We deliver exceptional care for your pets and treat them as if they were our own. All of the dogs that stay with our pet boarding on the Gold Coast receive two nutritious meals daily, bedding and blankets, air-conditioning for the warmer days and toys for play time. Cats can be rather sensitive to change so we cater for their needs with catnip toys, scratching posts, a perching spot and luxury as well as plenty of affection and love. Constant supervision is an attribute of our pet boarding on the Gold Coast with AAA Pet Resort so if anything happens, your beloved family member will be well looked after. You can be confident in our service because we are renowned on the Gold Coast for offering a quality service guaranteed. We go as far as a hydro spa bath for dogs and a complimentary brushing for your cat if your pet is staying five days or more. Our team is highly-trained and qualified to look after your beloved pet and when your dog or cat stays with us, they will be sure to receive all the love and attention they deserve while you are away on vacation or a business trip.

Better than Pet Sitters

Why choose pet boarding on the Gold Coast over a home pet sitter? While much research suggests that pets are happier in their home environment and that change is a big deal for both dogs and cats, they are able to cope with the exceptional quality service of pet boarding Gold Coast-based. The reason is that we offer them a home away from home with facilities and services on offer that are conducive for both dogs and cats. They are more resilient than we might at first think and AAA Pet Resort ensures that they receive love, affection, toys, bedding and delicious meals. When arranging for pet boarding on the Gold Coast, it is wise to consider that they will be well looked after and you don’t have to have a stranger in your home. With pet sitters, you need to have a stranger staying in your home unless of course you ask a family member, friend or neighbour to feed your beloved pet. That depends on their availability and willingness to be a pet sitter while with AAA Pet Resort you can rest assured that your pet will enjoy the vacation as much as you will. You can bring some of your pet’s favourite toys to the facility so that they can feel at home. Additionally, your pet can have doggie or feline friends to play with whereas if they are at home with a pet sitter, they are alone unless you have more than one pet. If your dog or cat suffers from separation anxiety, try bringing familiar bedding and toys as well as placating them with a Thundershirt. A Thundershirt is a jacket placed over the dog that applies gentle pressure on them making them more relaxed.

For Cats

Our pet boarding Gold Coast facility is renowned for quality and an expert team. We don’t just cater for dogs and doggie day care but we look after your feline friend as well. Spoiled for choice between a Cat Condo and a Cat Cabin, you will see that AAA Pet Resort takes pet boarding on the Gold Coast to a whole new level. Your cat will have access to dry food, a wet food meal in the evening and access to clean refreshing water. Additionally, they will be spoiled with fresh bedding, blankets, toys, a maid service, play times and a climbing shelf as well as private sleeping quarters. We even have a window room as an option for your cat to enjoy the view. Your beloved feline friend will be spoiled with attention, affection and love and we understand that pet boarding can be stressful on the owners as they are leaving their beloved family member somewhere. That’s why AAA Pet Resort goes above and beyond to look after your cat as best we can and ensure his or her safety and comfort.