Boarding Kennels Gold Coast

When it comes to pet boarding on the Gold Coast, AAA Pet Resort understands the need to create a home away from home for your dog. We know that dog boarding does not have to be about being in a kennel, your dog deserves just so much more fun, love and attention while you are away. You can rest easy because the owner of AAA Pet Resort Michael Avery grew up in the pet care industry; you can be confident that he has the experience to help create an amazing place for your dog to have their own vacation. Our philosophy at AAA Pet Resort is to make sure that all our guests are safe, having fun and feeling loved. Our staff are highly-experienced, love dogs and cats and are passionate about caring for your pet as if they are their own. We take pet boarding on the Gold Coast to the next level, making sure that your dog and cat’s overall health and well-being is our first priority. For those people who have a hectic lifestyle and are worried about leaving their beloved dog at home, we also offer a doggy day care service so your pooch is able to be stimulated, looked after and have a fun day while you are at work. We do not just look after dogs though; there is also a place for your feline friends as well. We know how sensitive cats can be therefore we ensure that we provide an adequate environment for your cat to feel safe, loved and happy.

The Importance of Play for Cats

Cats are one of the most interesting creatures; while they are low maintenance and quite self-sufficient, they can be quite sensitive to their surroundings. From their food to where they sleep, any changes can cause them stress and if they do not receive enough play and attention, it can be damaging to their mental and physical health. This is something we are very mindful of so when it comes to choosing a place to take your cat for pet boarding on the Gold Coast, you know exactly what sort of facilities need to be available for your cat. Making sure your cat receives enough play time is important and is great to keep the stimulated and challenged. Cats love to hunt thus playtime is a great way for them to get their exercise. This is great if they have challenging behaviour because it also relieves boredom and stress that they may be undergoing. Playtime can also be a great bonding experience between you and your cat and for anybody else who wants to bond with your cat. It also stimulates creativity if you have a variety of toys as cats can get bored. Choosing AAA Pet Resort for your pet boarding on the Gold Coast is a wise decision because we understand how cats need to be stimulated. We provide plenty of toys and playtime so your feline friend will be able to be satisfied and feel at home with their minders and their surroundings.

Dog Training During Pet Boarding in Gold Coast

In combination with Craig A. Murray Dog Training, at AAA Pet Resort we can offer you a dog training service while they are experiencing pet boarding on the Gold Coast. Training your dog is important, but it can be hard work, especially if you are busy so it can be hard for your dog to reach their potential. This is where we come in. You can bring them while you are on your holiday or you can just simply bring them to stay for the period of time. Sessions are private and are personalised for your dog so we can really bring the best out of them. We teach them to focus, to be able to read your needs, to heal so they can walk beside you without pulling on the lead, sit and stay from no matter which direction you call them, down and stay for longer periods of times, to come to you and sit in front of you, crate training so you are able to transport them safely and mat training, which is a great exercise to teach them boundaries and self-control. If you are looking for more than just pet boarding on the Gold Coast, AAA Pet Resort can offer you these in-kennel training services the next time you need to take your dog for boarding.