The best dog kennels on the Gold Coast

Any dog owner out there will understand that a pet isn’t just a pet. They are an extension of ourselves and truly are a part of the family. Because of this, many people will become uneasy when it comes time to find a dog kennel for their furry friend. There are so many different benefits to travelling, but for many, it just isn’t worth leaving their pet behind. They worry that they won’t be taken care of properly and that something might happen to them while they are away. Furthermore, they worry that their loved one will fret without their owner and could become anxious once their routine is broken. Here at AAA Pet Resort, we completely understand these concerns and so do everything in our power to offer the best dog kennels on the Gold Coast that will give pet owners peace of mind. One of the many ways that we are able to achieve this is with our private resort rooms. For those who are on a budget or who would like their furry friend to have some company, they are able to hire our twin shared accommodation. For those who would like privacy for their dog and who want the best of the best, they are able to go for our private option. Whatever option is chosen; we are confident that we offer some of the best dog kennels on the Gold Coast.


dog kennels on the gold coast

What is included in the best dog kennels on the Gold Coast?


Our resort rooms are 1.5m x 2.4m in size and are located indoors. These rooms are filled with colours and warmth making it the perfect home away from home. Two meals are also included along with comfortable bedding, blankets, ongoing clean and fresh water, two play times per day, hydro spa bath, a daily maid as well as much more. Believe it or not, our amazing resort rooms are the just the beginning. For those who want to ensure that their pet gets the best treatment possible, they are able to upgrade to our VIP villa. This includes all of the same features at the resort rooms, however, also includes longer play times, air-conditioning, glass doors instead of wire ones, and the rooms are larger. Once again, our villas can be shared or hired privately. Now while our resort rooms and villa options provide excellent offerings, there are some owners out there who want to make sure that their loved one feels like they are truly at home. The great news is that we can cater to this at-home experience as well. Our presidential suite is a 3m x 3m indoor room and allows its occupant to feel like they are in their own lounge room. In addition to the previously mentioned features, the presidential suite also includes 2 x 30 minutes of play time each day, French glass doors, a leather lounge suite, and a television. All of these interactive and personal features means that we here at AAA pet resort have some of the best dog kennels on the Gold Coast.

What is available for those who are looking for something extra special


For owners out there who not only want to make sure that their pet feels at home while they are away but that they are also spoiled, we have a couple of perfect options for them. The first is our Queen’s villa which is a 3m x 3m indoor room with 24-hour access to a safe and secure outdoor yard. There are three, thirty-minute sessions of playtime each day as well as all of the aforementioned features. For those who want to splash out on the best that there is, they are able to hire our King’s villa. This is a 4m x 3m indoor room which also has access to an outdoor yard. This opulent room also includes three sessions of 40-minutes play each day and is truly the closest resemblance to a small home. Not only will your dog feel pampered in this room but they will also feel safe and secure. So for those who are feeling nervous about leaving their loved ones behind when having to travel for whatever reason, they can have peace of mind knowing that their furry friend is safe in one of the best dog kennels on the Gold Coast. Gone of the days where kennels were baron and cold. Here at AAA Pet Resort, we provide an experience and service that is warm, inviting and is unlike any other.

dog kennels on the gold coast


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