Dog Wash

AAA Pet Resort, we know how to pamper your pooch.

At AAA Pet Resort, we believe a clean dog is a happy dog. This is why we offer a premium dog wash to all of our furry guests. By choosing our premium dog wash service, you will come home to a whole new pet. We think you’ll find that as well as being much cleaner, he will be much happier, too.

As dog grooming salons have become the flavour of the month, it seems they are sprouting up all throughout the Gold Coast. While the city groomers may be popular, how can you be sure you’re receiving a quality service? AAA Pet Resort eliminates this worry, by providing the very best in dog grooming techniques.

We offer a complete dog wash service, which cares for every aspect of your pet’s health. Our expertly trained staff can provide your best friend with everything he needs such as fur clipping, ear cleaning, de-moulting, nail trimming, flea, tick and worming treatments and speciality sensitive washes.We also cater for the most pampered of pooches, with hydro bath and pet massage. After a well-deserved dog wash from our gifted team, your dog will feel better inside and out.

You know your best friend deserves a little pampering, so why not treat him to the premium dog wash at his next visit? Contact us today to discuss our luxurious pampering services.

Per dog Pricing

* Hydro Spa Bath $15.00 per dog (complimentary towel dry)
* Blow Dry $5.00 per dog
* Brush Out $5.00 per dog
For any clipping services, please contact us.


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Benefits of Doggy Day Care on the Gold Coast: Dog Grooming, Wash, Training, and More

Doggy day care is much more than just a trend. People are working more hours than ever, meaning that they often have less time to spend with their dogs. Some dogs are perfectly happy to snooze the day away as they wait for you to return, but most dogs need a little more stimulation and companionship. That makes doggy day care a perfect solution for many modern dog owners. Many dogs thrive in this environment, whether they come every day or just occasionally. Consider the following reasons doggy day care may be right for your dog.

Human contact

While you’re away at work for the day, your dogs miss you. They’re used to you being around to guide and encourage them enjoying the friendly interaction. There’s no reason to leave your dog at home alone day in and day out. Doggy day cares are staffed with professionals who love animals and have ample experience interacting with dogs. They know how to read dogs’ signals, responding appropriately if your dog wants to play, have some quiet time, or enjoy a cuddle and a belly scratch. They are also often willing to provide extra services such as dog training on the Gold Coast and may even wash your dog or provide grooming services.

Socialisation and exercise

Sending your pup off to day care provides her with plenty of playtime throughout the day so that she has the freedom to run, jump, romp, and play – or even cuddle if she’s not overly outgoing. She’ll have the opportunity to meet new dogs, improve her socialisation skills, and learn more about interacting with other animals.

Supervised playtime

When your dog enjoys playtime in a doggy daycare, she will not only be supervised, but supervised by experienced professionals. Owners themselves often are unsure when it comes to what constitutes appropriate play vs. dangerous play between dogs. The staff at a doggy daycare is trained to read body language and recognise signs that a dog is uncomfortable or unhappy.

Boredom relief

Leaving your dog in a crate is not a practical option if you’ll be gone all day long, but neither is leaving an untrained dog unattended in your home. Either scenario sets your dog up to go nuts from boredom and develop some bad habits and behaviour problems. Instead, take advantage of the services offered by doggy daycare and free your dog from long hours of boredom and destructive behaviours.

Where to find a doggy day care on the Gold Coast

At AAA Pet Resort, we’re more than just luxury boarding facility. We pour our heart and soul into loving the dogs and cats in our care 24/7 – we even have staff members who live on site. We can not only provide companionship and supervision for your dog while you’re away but also services such as a dog wash on the Gold Coast. Looking for dog training or dog grooming on the Gold Coast? We can provide the quality care your dog deserves and excellent recommendations for other services. Contact us today to discuss your needs.