Dog Training

Have your dog trained by the experts at AAA Pet Resort!

The best way to bring out your dog’s shining personality is through proper dog training. Whether your best friend is easy-going, or takes a while to warm up to new people, quality training ensures they will behave properly in any situation.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin. Dog training advice seems to change with every new book or blog which is released. So, avoid the stress and frustration, and put your best friend in the hands of the experts. The caring staffs at AAA Pet Resort have vast experience on training dogs to be obedient and respectful.

It doesn’t matter whether your dog needs to learn the basics, or is ready for more advanced training. Our expert staff can provide a crash course in dog obedience training while you are on holiday. So, when you return, you will have a new dog.

We can also support you on your training journey. If you need some dog training advice, or general dog training tips, our committed staff are here to help. We will help your furry friend to master everything from basic sit and stay commands, to more advanced silent commands, communicated through hand signals.

Training sessions begin at $30.00 per session. Call the friendly staff at AAA Pet Resort and book in now for your one-on-one dog training lesson with our professional trainer.

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