Dog Training

Currently this service is being reformulated and we only have basic training available

In-Kennel Training

We are able to offer you a service that will give you an ability to have your canine companion trained by one of our Professional Trainer’s whilst staying at the wonderful AAA Pet Resort.  We can line up your dog’s training experience with a holiday you have booked or perhaps you are a busy person whom can’t spare the time to attend group obedience classes or private lessons and you feel that the best situation for your circumstances is to have your dog enrolled in a private and individual training program that will ensure you get the most potential out of your dog.

Our in-kennel training courses can be made extremely flexible, so we can start at the base of 12 day in kennel or we can work out an individual program to suit your needs.  To give you an idea of the base course, we would teach your dog the following:

  • a focus exercise to know how to read your needs
  • formal heel, to walk on lead beside you without pulling
  • Sit and sit stay – from all directions
  • Down and down stay – to stay reliably for periods of time
  • Come – the dog comes to the handler and into the sit position in front (this exercise is helpful when you want your dog to come so you can put on it’s collar, give medications, or even just to return to you when required)
  • Crate training – we teach your dog to happily and safely travel in a crate for use in the motor vehicle.  Great for road trips!
  • Mat training – we teach the dog calming exercises with the use of a mat.  The dog learns to stay within the boundary of the mat whilst there is high stimulation and distraction in the environment.  This teaches the dog self-control much like having a child learn martial arts for self-control and calming techniques.

Part of this package requires  a private lesson with you upon pickup of your canine companion.  This is where you go through a handler orientation training session, so you are aware of what your dog is capable of and how to maintain the dog’s behaviour at the level the dog has been trained at.  Whilst your dog is highly trained, once you take your dog home the responsibility of maintenance and consistency of this training becomes your responsibility, and a trained dog is like any other skill, it must be maintained to remain reliable.  We teach you how to manage this with a minimum of effort, but effort is definitely required.

We ask that when you arrive at AAA Pet Resort, you authorise us to take your dog out into the environment for day trips to ensure that your dog works in various environments and with differing levels of distraction and stimulation.  It also gives your dog some environmental enrichment.

Please feel free to ask the friendly staff at AAA Pet Resort for updates on when this service will return and basic training details.  In-kennel training is very popular, and we only train a couple of dogs at a time to ensure they all get the individual attention that they need and deserve for successful learning outcomes.

If this service isn’t what you are after we also offer private lessons and group classes from AAA Pet Resort.  Get in touch today to find out more!

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