Should You Choose Dog Sitters? The Advantages of Boarding Your Dog Over Sitting and Where to Find Dog Minding on the Gold Coast

If you have a trip coming up, whether for business or leisure, or you are just concerned that your dog is unhappy by himself all day long while you’re at work, you may be wondering whether dog sitting on the Gold Coast is a good option. Like anything else, dog sitting has its pros and cons, but there’s an even better option – arranging a stay for your dog at a luxury pet boarding facility. Many pet owners choose dog boarding because of its numerous benefits. Before deciding to hire dog sitters on the Gold Coast, consider the many advantages of using a boarding facility instead.

A clean, healthy environment

When you choose a reputable dog boarding service such as AAA Pet Resort, your dog will enjoy a clean and healthy environment designed with its needs in mind. The accommodation, as well as play areas and other areas of the facility, will always be kept clean, and the friendly animal-loving professionals will also help ensure that your dog is happy and calm during his stay.


Dog boarding services differ from dog sitters in many ways, but one is especially important: your dog will be looked after by professionals. When you choose dog sitting in your home, your dog will be alone most of the day, only going outside and socialising when the sitter arrives. At a boarding facility, your dog will have the attention of professionals who love animals and know how to take care of a wide variety of dogs with different personalities and needs. He’ll also be able to spend time playing with other dogs, relaxing and romping to his heart’s content. Another potential problem with pet sitters is that they are often neighbours or friends who may not have much experience with dogs. At AAA Pet Resort, our team is made up of experienced pros who love dogs and are trained to handle the many different situations that may arise.

Personal attention

Dogs crave attention, and in the right facility, they’ll receive plenty. When you’re looking for dog minding services, consider a quality boarding facility where the staff will walk your dog, help him socialise with other dogs, maintain his familiar routine as much as possible, and provide companionship and care throughout his stay. Your dog will receive regular play and exercise time and enjoy a regular feeding schedule to help keep his visit as stress-free as possible.

Choose AAA Pet Resort for dog minding on the Gold Coast

AAA Pet Resort delivers professional service and care in a resort-style luxury boarding facility with all the comforts of home and all the fun and interaction your dog craves. Booking at our resort is the best option while you’re away because we are 100% focused on your pup and dedicated to providing him with outstanding care – we even have staff who live onsite. Our pet hotel is the perfect place for your dog while you travel – contact us today to book your stay.