As a pooch parent, you will want to make sure that you are feeding your dog the best type of food to maintain its health and nutrition. Sometimes, a simple can of dog food isn’t enough to satisfy your dog or give it the optimum nutrition it deserves. You would also want to make sure that the dog food you give is well within your budget as well. Here are the following things that are important for you to ensure that you are getting the best food for your dog:


Your Dog’s Breed, Age and Reproductive System

Your dog’s overall physique matters the most when determining the type of food it should get. Different breeds have different levels of energy and activities, so they need to be fed accordingly. Age and size of the dog are also essential to know how many calories your dog needs to consume. Highly active dogs require high calorie based dog foods and a bigger feed, while the laid back and lazy kinds need low calories. A growing pup and old dog needs extra fortified dog food. Some brands formulate their food based on different breeds, so be sure to check the age, breed and calories on the dog food label.

Read the Food Label

You have to make sure that you are feeding your dog the best dog food and not being duped by dog food brands with their clever buzzwords. Watch out for words such as ‘beef/chicken for dogs’ that are marked with 95% on the nutrition label. This percentage also includes water content, so if you remove that, your dog only gets around 70% of protein.

Words like ‘dinner’ on the labels such as salmon dinner or chicken dinner mean that it only contains 25% of the protein and the rest is just flavoring. Words like ‘with’ such as ‘with cheese’ or ‘with chicken’ means that it only contains trace amounts that are up to 3% of that additional ingredient.  You should choose the meals that have meat as their first ingredient. Since your doggo is an omnivore by nature, it should have a vegetarian diet in special circumstances, such as allergies, etc.

Food Allergies

If you suspect that Rover has food allergies; have it checked by the vet and see if it needs to go on a grain-free diet. Grain-free foods for dogs are also easy on the pocket. Some of the obvious signs of food allergies are vomiting, diarrhea, scratching and excessive licking of the paws.

Do Your Homework on Your Dog Food Brand

After all the research, you finally choose the right brand for your dog, but you have to do one last little bit of homework before buying it. Check out the reviews for the brand and read different dog forums to see if it is considered to be one of the best ones out there.

Keep these four things in mind to get the best food for your dog, and your precious doggo will always be healthy and happy.