A boarding facility is the best option if you have to make that trip away from home without worrying about where to keep your pet. Pet boarding on the Gold Coast provides you and your furry friend with many benefits.

Find out what they are below.

Interaction and companionship

Being amongst other pets can improve your pet’s mood and they will be happy to make new friends. And because of this, reputable boarding facilities will provide playtime for dogs as part of the activities.

If your pet has separation anxiety, companionship can help make them happier. More so, the interaction with other pets helps your fur baby become more sociable.


You can only relax on your trip knowing your pet is safe. Pet boarding facilities on the Gold Coast should prioritise animal safety and protection.

You shouldn’t need to worry about your pets escaping onto the street. That’s why quality pet boarding facilities take extra precautions in ensuring their stay is safe by installing CCTV security and alarm systems.

Expert care

Your furry friend gets the best care in a pet boarding facility. The staff should be professionally trained to ensure every pet receives quality care and attention. With a team dedicated to animal care, your pet is sure going to have a great time. If your pet requires any additional care such as medication, be sure to let the facility know so they can create a schedule for it.

Additional services

Your furry friend can return home better groomed than they left. This is because most pet boarding facilities provide additional services such as pet grooming and training classes.

Love and attention

The caregivers at the Gold Coast pet boarding facility should provide enough time for play, attention, and love to all pets. They ensure each fur baby receives the attention they need to enjoy their stay.

Good nutrition and exercise

Dogs require daily exercise to stay in top shape and your furry friend needs exercise—no matter how big or small. Gold Coast pet boarding facilities should also provide nutritious food and your pet’s special diet can also be accommodated if informed before time.

Most pet-boarders offer exercise and have facilities that include fields, yards, and walkways. The social and physical stimulation provided keeps your pet’s mind and body active and happy.


It’s a lot more affordable compared to hiring a sitter for your pet. With pet boarding on the Gold Coast, you know exactly how much it will cost to have your pet taken care of. Plus, you can rest assured that they’re in professional hands.

Flexibility and availability

If you have to travel on short notice, you don’t have to be afraid of the unavailable pet boarding facility. Many of them are open all year round and can accommodate your pet on short notice.

Pet boarding on the Gold Coast can offer your pet a home away from home. Introducing your fur baby to a new environment can make them mentally alert and build their social skills.

At AAA pet resort, we offer affordable boarding options for your pet. Give us a call today for inquiries.