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You might not get the luxury to travel on vacations especially for more than a week because you have a beloved pet at home and you don’t wish to leave them for too long or struggle to find someone to take care of them. Many people are concerned about their pet’s welfare too; after all, your beloved furry friend adores you and changes to the routine and having you around can impact dogs and cats. However, pets are more resilient than you might think. If you start to travel more regularly when you are able to, and obviously always return home, your dogs and cats will become accustomed to the fact that you always return home to them. They build up resilience and especially if you engage in the right pet boarding for them, they even begin to love that holiday for them too. If you have been putting off travelling because you’re worried about your beloved pet, our Gold Coast pet motel, AAA Pet Resort will help them enjoy their time away from home with lots of food, toy and play time, bedding and love and affection. The more times you bring your dog or cat to us while you enjoy a vacation, the more at home they will feel with our boarding facility; they may even look forward to it and get excited when you arrive at our property as dogs become familiarised with locations and places. Furthermore, they will become accustomed to our team who will shower them with love and attention and ensure that their time with us is a true vacation in a home away from home.

Why Choose A Gold Coast Pet Motel Over At-Home Pet Sitters?

The considerations for your beloved furry friend are vast when you are looking to embark on a vacation yet the choice is obvious when it comes to our dog and cat boarding facility; your pet will truly enjoy their time with us. So why choose a Gold Coast pet motel over at-home pet sitters? While much research might suggest that pets are happier within their own home and that change is a big deal for dogs and cats, they are more resilient than one might think and if you choose the right Gold Coast pet motel, you will find that they are happy and well taken care of. AAA Pet Resort aims to ensure that all dogs and cats are cared for with love, affection, play time, toys, regular meals and fresh water, blankets and a comfortable bed; what more could a dog or cat want in a boarding facility? If you think your dog or cat might experience a bit of separation anxiety from being at home and from you, why not bring one of their favourite toys or several of them so that they feel at home? When having to arrange for pet sitters at your home, there are so many factors to consider and it can actually be more inconvenient than having them stay at our Gold Coast pet motel. Firstly, you have to consider who might look after your pet(s); would it be a family member, friend or neighbour? Will you consider a professional pet sitter from companies and registries offering sitters? Engaging a family member, friend or neighbour might be inconvenient to them at times as they have their own home and pets to often take care of. Utilising a professional pet sitter means having a stranger in your home and someone your pets don’t know which can make it uncomfortable for them. If you use a professional sitter and take your dog or cat to their place, your beloved friend will still be in a foreign place and they might be with other dogs and cats that they don’t know or might not like. When you engage with AAA Pet Resort as a premier Gold Coast Pet Motel, you can be confident in the ability of our team to gauge how your dog or cat reacts with other pets and play time will be supervised and continuously monitored to ensure that it is going well or we can determine which dogs can play together and which cannot. When you use a professional sitter and have your pet at their place, you might not be able to be sure that they can monitor the play time and interaction between dogs at all times.

Our Renowned Service

AAA Pet Resort is a leading Gold Coast pet motel and we have more than one hundred reviews on Google which attest to our fantastic service and care for clients’ pets. A valued client, Lindsay Hall reviewed us with ‘these guys are the best! We have been bringing our Am Staff here for probably 5-6 years! The staff is so friendly and welcoming! They always manage to fit our little guy in even though we are perpetually last minute! 100% confident in the care our pup gets on his stays here which range from a weekend, up to 4 weeks straight! Wouldn’t consider anywhere else. Has also been great to see all the improvements and renovations over the years. From a fellow business owner, these guys really care about giving a great service and shows in how they are constantly working to be better. Thanks so much guys for looking after our little guy!!’ Lesley Grove backs this up with a review of ‘this is the second time Lilly cat has holidayed here. She loves all the attention she receives. The staff are wonderful here and care deeply about animals. Highly recommend’. Another happy client is Tina Ball who said ‘Our beautiful fur babies, Oscar and Lolli, enjoyed a lovely long weekend break at the AAA Pet Resort. They have stayed at the Resort on a number of occasions and are always very happy to stay and are treated very well by the lovely staff members there – thank you for taking such good care of our treasured family members’.