AAA Pet Resort Provides the Most Accommodating Kennels in the Gold Coast for Your Family Dog

Dog kennels are always a sensitive subject for pet owners and for good reason! No one wants to feel they’re leaving their dog at kennels in the Gold Coast that are subpar, neglectful, or isolating for their furry friend. While kennels along the Gold Coast have improved, it can still be difficult finding the best ones available.

AAA Pet Resort was born out of a passion to create a different, beneficial environment for pets to thrive in, while their owners are away. Our founder has over four decades of experience in the pet care business and took over this resort in 2013 to give dogs and cats a better kennel experience. We are staff dedicated, animal loving professionals who not only enjoy taking care of your animal, but also are knowledgeable in all facets of animal care.

We’re proud to offer a variety of options to best suit your pet’s needs, including unlimited access to outdoor areas, designated and lengthy playtimes, adherence to special diets or food schedules, bathing services, and so much more. If you’re tired of sending your beloved canine to questionable kennels along the Gold Coast, experience the welcoming difference AAA Pet Resort can offer.

Book your pet’s next extended stay at a hotel who cares about their experience. To learn more about AAA Resort’s numerous services and perks or to get answers to any inquiries you might have, call us on 07 5525 2098.