dog boarding


So you finally made the move of getting yourself a furry little companion for yourself. Whether you are living alone or with your family, having a pet always makes everything so much better. Taking in a pet and making it a part of your family speaks volumes about your commitment to caring for animals. So, props to you for taking this step. Here are some essential tips for first time pet owners such as yourself:

1.     Choose Your Pet

Going to a pet shelter or shop sounds fun and exciting, but it can also be a bit confusing. You have so many precious animals that it can get a bit daunting. You would want to take all of them home, but let’s not get carried away here and just stick to one furry cutie at a time. If you like or prefer a particular breed, then look for that kind of cat or dog, but be open-minded as well because you never know what animal melts your heart.

2.     Match Your Personality with Your Pet

If you are someone who is full of energy and loves to go on long walks, then get an animal that has the same type of energy. There is no point in getting a high maintenance animal when you can’t take go on walks or play with it.

3.     Know Your Budget?

Being a pet owner also comes with some financial reasonability. You need to check how much you will be spending such as set up costs, toys, equipment, accessories, vet visits, food and grooming.

4.     Prepare Your Home

First time pet owners must take into account if their home is ready for a pet as well. Find a suitable place or little corner where your cat or dog can rest in. If your pet is super hairy, then make sure to keep places such as your dining area, kitchen, etc., a bit restricted. Designate an area for their food, litter and play. Make sure to have a small outdoor access area specifically for your pet so that it can easily come and go outside without you having to open the door.

You also have to ensure that your family or anyone else whom you are living with is on board with having a pet in the home. If someone is allergic to fur, then it is best not to get one.

5.     Make Sure to Have the Right Food

Every cat or dog has specific nutritional needs. Check with the shelter or pet shop to see what it has been eating so that you can get the same.

6.     Get in Touch with a Vet

Every cat or dog needs a vet for a regular checkup. First-time pet owners need to make an additional trip every six months to make sure that their cat or dog is safe from any diseases or health issues. Go to a vet the same week you get your pet.


With this checklist in mind, you can be the pet owner out there! And if you need a place to board them while you go on holiday don’t forget to get in contact with AAA Pet Resort!