When we think of playing with pets, we usually think about playing fetch with dogs. Rarely do we think about playing with cats. Contrary to popular belief, cats enjoy playing not only with toys but also with people. Cats love human interaction just as much as dogs and although they aren’t eager to perform any tricks, you will surely find them willing to play with you. So if you are thinking about playing with your cat and don’t know how to lure little Felix into playtime, here are 5 cool ways to do so:

1. Fetch

Fetch is just not for dogs, cats love it equally. Since cats are natural born predators, their instincts will kick in as soon as you start playing games of fetch with them. Just make sure to use a toy big enough that your cat can carry it in its mouth when it brings it back to you. If your cat doesn’t understand how to play fetch yet, just try dangling it in front until it gets interested and then quickly throw it across the room. Watch it leap and chase the toy and bring it back to you. Give your cat a treat or pet it every time it brings it back to reinforce the behavior.

2. Crumpled Paper

One man’s trash is another kitty’s plaything. Before you toss away that piece of paper and throw it in the bin, consider taking a break and playing with your cat with a crumpled paper. Just crush and roll it into a wrinkly ball and throw it on the floor or towards your feline companion and see it play. Just ensure that it doesn’t chew or swallow any paper. Cats love crinkly sounds from papers and take their time playing with it.

3. Feather and String

You can either buy a wand that has a feather at the end of the stick or make your own wand. Kitties just love playing with and chasing the feather at the end of the stick as it excites them and nurtures their predator instincts. Dangle it in front of your cat and see it lunge towards it. It will jump, run, chase and climb anywhere just to catch it.

4. Light

Light intrigues cats, and when they see a little flicker of light moving about, they can’t wait to get their paws on it. Get a laser torch and move it across the room and see the cat go wild. Just make sure no valuable ornaments are around, so they can’t be damaged. This is also a great way to make sure your cat exercises if it has been acting a bit like Garfield and gaining weight.

5. Box and/or Paper Bag

Cats love sitting in corners and cozy spaces, so a bag or a box is just what they would love. Get an empty box or paper bag and poke two holes in it.


Playing with your cat is easy, and both of you can have a great bonding time with these activities.


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