Dog Wash

AAA Pet Resort, we know how to pamper your pooch.

At AAA Pet Resort, we believe a clean dog is a happy dog. This is why we offer a premium dog wash to all of our furry guests. By choosing our premium dog wash service, you will come home to a whole new pet. We think you’ll find that as well as being much cleaner, he will be much happier, too.

As dog grooming salons have become the flavour of the month, it seems they are sprouting up all throughout the Gold Coast. While the city groomers may be popular, how can you be sure you’re receiving a quality service? AAA Pet Resort eliminates this worry, by providing the very best in dog grooming techniques.

We offer a complete dog wash service, which cares for every aspect of your pet’s health. Our expertly trained staff can provide your best friend with everything he needs – fur clipping, ear cleaning, de-moulting, nail trimming, flea, tick and worming treatments and speciality sensitive washes.We also cater for the most pampered of pooches, with hydro bath and pet massage. After a well-deserved dog wash from our gifted team, your dog will feel better inside and out.

You know your best friend deserves a little pampering, so why not treat him to the premium dog wash at his next visit? Contact us today to discuss our luxurious pampering services.

Per dog Pricing
Bath is $15.00
 (includes complimentary towel dry), blow drying (optional) $10.00 per dog is brushing $ 5.00.